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Everything listed here is available to reserve or buy now. If you don't see what you are looking for please follow this link for more information, or call us on 01876 580 209 and we can give you availabilty information.



Products shown for:

Peat Smoked Salmon 
250g Peat Smoked Finest Trimmings  £14.00   
125g Peat Smoked Salmon Slices   £11.95   
250g Peat Smoked Salmon Slices   £21.95   
Whisky Barrel Salmon 
125g Whisky Barrel Salmon Slices  £11.95   
250g Whisky Barrel Salmon Slices  £21.95   
Gravlax 100g Retail  £12.45   
Peat Smoked Scallop 
Scallops 100g Retail  £14.50   
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon 
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Slices 150g  £11.65   
90g Peat Smoked Salmon Pate  £7.15   
90g Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon Pate  £7.15   
90g Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Pate  £7.15   
Gift Selections 
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon and Horseradish  £16.30   
Hebridean Selection  £34.95   
Hebridean Trio  £37.75   
North Uist Gin and Hebridean Gravlax  £18.95   
Highland Spirit  £20.25   
The Walker's Nip  £23.65   
Burgundy and Smoked Salmon  £25.95   
Champagne and Smoked Salmon  £36.95   
Glenfiddich Malt Whisky and Smoked Salmon  £48.95   
Clynelish Malt Whisky and Whisky Barrel Oak Salmon  £53.95   
Hebridean Kitchen Scottish Tablet 200g  £6.25   
Macleans Organic Oatcakes 140g  £3.30   
Tracklements Strong Horseradish 140g  £4.65   
Hebridean Cocktail Oatcakes 125g  £3.30   
Stag Bakery Seaweed Water Biscuits  £4.00   
Ashers Highland Malt Cake Tin  £7.55   
Ashers Island Malt Cake Tin  £7.55   
Wool Products 
Hebridean Sheepskin  £110.00   
Pure Wool Throw  £170.00   
Half-size Pure Wool Throw  £110.00   
Hebridean Branded 
Hebridean Beanie Hat Pink  £13.95   
Hebridean Beanie Hat Blue  £13.95   
Hebridean Beanie Hat Red  £13.95   
Fuschia Pink Apron  £19.95   
Midnight Black Apron  £19.95   
Turquoise Blue Apron  £19.95   
Deep Purple Apron  £19.95   
2 Heb Mugs Tall  £24.00   
The Gift Shop 
North Uist Beanie Hat Red  £13.95   
North Uist Beanie Hat Blue  £13.95   
Large Horn Spoon  £12.95   
Medium Horn Spoon  £10.95   
Gift Voucher 
Redshank Voucher  £25.00   
Ragged Robin Voucher  £25.00   
Orchid Voucher  £25.00   
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