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Smoked Salmon Pâtés

Rich and flavoursome smoked salmon tés for perfect canapés and first courses

Delicious Peat Smoked Salmon Pâtés in two varieties that have all the flavour and character of the excellent smoked salmon they are made from; only 100% smoked salmon goes into our pâtés blended with dairy cream, butter and cream cheese.


Peat Smoked Salmon Pâ
A rich, robustly flavoured smoked salmon pâté that is excellent on freshly toasted oatcakes, warm buttered toast or as a flavoursome base to canapés. Made in small batches with our Traditional Peat Smoked Salmon and blended with cream, rich cream cheese, butter and seasoning.


Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Pâ
A smooth textured pâté made with our Roasted Salmon that is carefully blended with horseradish to add a little bite to the mix. Delicious with oatcakes and savoury biscuits as a first course or with canapés.


Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon Pâté

The classic luxury smoked salmon pâté. Made with salmon traditionally smoked over whisky barrel oak sourced from Speyside's premier cooperage. Enjoy this luxurious pâté with warm buttered toast or traditional oatcakes. 


All of these pâtés leave us with a 10 day use-by date and should be stored in a refrigerator immediately upon arrival. We do not recommend these products for home freezing.


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Products shown for:

90g Peat Smoked Salmon Pate  £8.45   
90g Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Pate  £8.45   
90g Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon Pate  £8.45   
Pate and Oatcakes   £24.75   
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