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Peat Smoked Salmon

Exceptional Quality Premium Scottish Smoked Salmon made in the Outer Hebrides

 Flavour profile - Peat Smoked Salmon has a robust, aromatic flavour and a wonderful taste that has no equal. The bold flavour has a remarkable creamy finish and no harsh notes.


Hebridean Smokehouse premium quality Scottish smoked salmon is made from the finest salmon grown here in the Outer Hebrides, so good Prue Leith called our smoked salmon “the best in the world”.

Scottish farmed salmon has a world-wide reputation for excellence and we source ours from reputable farms rearing fish in the pristine clean waters of the Hebrides. Experience has taught us that smaller salmon make the best smoked salmon, with a firmer texture and much less oiliness.

These exceptional fish are prepared for smoking entirely by hand before smoking over locally cut peat, then carefully sliced and hand-finished ready for you to enjoy. Our Traditional Peat Smoked Salmon is available as D-cut slices in two handy pack sizes as well as a range of whole sliced and unsliced sides.


Vacuum packs of premium peat smoked salmon carry a use-by date of 21 days from despatch and should be stored in a refrigerator immediately upon arrival. This unique high quality product is suitable for home freezing unopened with no loss of quality, taste or texture for up to 6 months.

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Products shown for:

125g Peat Smoked Salmon Slices   £14.15   
250g Peat Smoked Salmon Slices   £26.15   
725g Salmon Sliced Side - Out of stock 
800g Salmon Sliced Side - Out of stock 
850g Salmon Sliced Side  £68.00   
910g Salmon Sliced Side  £72.80   
600g Unsliced Salmon Side  £41.10   
725g Unsliced Salmon Side  £49.65   
850g Unsliced Salmon Side  £58.20   
975g Unsliced Salmon side  £66.75   
1.1kg Unsliced Salmon Side  £75.30   
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