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Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon


 This exceptional quality smoked salmon combines some of the most iconic flavours from Scotland to make a smoked salmon with a depth of flavour to match its unique provenance.


 Flavour profile - Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon has a full, rounded flavour with a smooth finish. The oak flavour is instantly recognisable and there is a subtle sweetness from the barrel wood.


The beating heart of the Scotch Whisky industry is the production of single malt whiskies and Speyside is arguably its epicentre with more distilleries than any other part of the country. It is the art of the distiller and the craft of the cooper that makes great whisky, and for the cooper, the finest oak from France, Spain and America is essential.

A whisky barrel is a very valuable thing, some are in use for as many as 50 years with many repairs and refills of raw spirit during its lifespan. Hebridean Smokehouse uses a combination of old and new barrel wood from one of the most important cooperages on Speyside to smoke the finest Hebridean salmon.


Our Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon is not whisky flavoured, rather it shares flavours found in the best malt whiskies - soft rounded woody notes and a subtle sweetness. We think this can be enjoyed by everyone whether they enjoy whisky or not, and for those that do, it is the perfect partner to good Speyside malt.


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125g Whisky Barrel Salmon Slices  £14.15   
250g Whisky Barrel Salmon Slices  £26.15   
850g Whisky Barrel Unsliced Salmon Side  £58.20   
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