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 Richly aromatic and creamy flavoured hot-smoked salmon


Rich and robustly flavoured hot-smoked salmon with the unique aromatic flavour that only comes from peat smoking.


Our Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon is made with Atlantic salmon, grown for us in the pristine clean tidal waters off the Outer Hebrides. We select only the smaller sized salmon for our products as these are the most firm fleshed and are less oily than fish of larger size.

We fillet these excellent fish by hand, smoke the fish over locally cut peat before a gentle cooking in the kiln to seal in the rich creamy flavour and enhance the fine eating qualities.  Never dry, our Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon is a wonderful addition to buffets, smoked fish selections and as a versatile ingredient with pasta sauces, kedgerees,  fish pies and even as the key ingredient to our own recipe smoked salmon soup.

Available as packs of slices and whole sides, the Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon leaves us with a 14 day use-by date and should be stored in a refrigerator upon arrival. We do not recommend freezing this product as some loss of texture may result.


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Products shown for:

Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Slices 150g  £13.75   
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Whole fillet 700g  £51.80   
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Whole Fillet 800g  £59.20   
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Whole Fillet 900g  £66.60   
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Whole Fillet 1kg  £74.00   
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon Whole Fillet 1.1kg  £81.40   
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